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Sitting Buddha statue (Sykya Buddha) is the symbol of peace, knowledge and illumination. Displaying sitting Buddha at home can bring a sense of peace, harmony and calm.

In addition, Sykya Buddha is also has infinite powers to ward off bad energy. Display Sykya Buddha at home is believed to ward off accidents and bring good luck and protection.





The statue of the reclining Buddha represents Buddha’s serene and composed posture before leaving this world. The statue of Buddha in a reclining position depicts Buddha in his last hours before his passing. This is that moment when Buddha is enters “Nirvana”, which is a state of enlightenment. According to Buddhist belief, a person who attains this state does not go through the cycle of life, death and rebirth thereafter and is entirely set free from the human confines of destiny and misery. The reclining Buddha signifies tranquility and absolute detachment from the desires of the world, a state obtained on the attainment of Nirvana.


The statue of a Happy Buddha sitting on a Dragon Turtle signifies happiness, good luck and fortune. The Dragon Turtle sitting on a bed of coins and gold ingots is a distinct representation of wealth and prosperity. The Dragon Turtle is a Chinese legendary symbol depicting the dragon’s head and the turtle’s body. The dragon represents courage and strength. The turtle stands for support and stability. This powerful combination of two Feng Shui symbols brings together the qualities of the dragon and the turtle, which indicates long life, permanence and success. The Happy Buddha on a Dragon Turtle is known to be a perfect remedy to combat bad luck which comes in the form of illness, financial losses and mishaps.


The Buddha is a unique spiritual leader in the history of mankind. Where others preached dogma or worked for a particular land or race of people, the Buddha’s compassion extended to all beings. Gods, rituals and the after-life were not part of his philosophy; rather, his teachings were concerned with the here and now – a prescription for living by a code of ethics that would alleviate misery and ultimately lead to self-enlightenment.


A Bodhisattva is a Buddha-in-the-making, one who puts off attainment of nirvana in order to allay the suffering of his fellow beings. Can anyone become a Bodhisattva? Theoretically yes, and indeed, the term has been applied through eastern history to many renowned Buddhist teachers and rulers. In the Jataka Tales which recount the Buddha’s past lives, he often refers to himself as a Bodhisattva. This popular parable captures the essence of a Bodhisattva.

Three travelers in the desert were in desperate search of water. Seeing a high wall ahead, they hurried to it but could find no way to enter. One man climbed upon another’s shoulders to see what was behind the wall. He let out a whoop of delight and jumped in. The second one followed suit. The third man clambered up the wall with difficulty. Looking down, he saw a cool, verdant garden with fruit trees. Instead of following his companions, he jumped back into the desert to look for other wanderers and share with them, his discovery of the garden and how to reach it. Who do you think was the Bodhisattva among the three?

Based on an eccentric Chinese Zen monk who lived over 1,000 years ago, the Laughing Buddha has become a significant part of Buddhist lore. Because of this monk’s kind disposition, he came to be regarded as an incarnation of the bodhisattva who will be Maitreya (the Future Buddha). His large belly and jolly smile have given him the moniker “Laughing Buddha” or in the West “Fat Buddha.”

This small stone Laughing Buddha statue is a symbol of contentment and abundance. The image of Hotei is almost always seen carrying a cloth or linen sack filled with goodies for children, food, and salvation. He is patron of the weak, poor and children.


Bring healing power to any room in your home with this Bronze Buddha statue in the medicine pose. Buddha was the healer of suffering in the world. In this elegant bronze statue, he holds in his hand a bowl filled with herbs, symbolic of his healing power. This Asian decor furnishing is an enhanting piece that will be put on display with pride.

Crafted using the “lost wax” process, it’s a true bronze statue that will captivate anyone who enters the room. The medicine Buddha statue is a perfect gift for anyone in the medical profession, a care giver or healer.



This Buddha statue depicts the Buddha meditating under the protection of Naga, the snake with seven heads. Naga is a snake-like animal known in Hindu mythology. Its legend suggest that Naga was once an enemy to Buddha who plotted to attack him, but Buddha converted the snake to his ways and Naga assumed a role as his guardian and disciple. An exotic treat, the Naga Buddha statue fuses the Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

His face radiates joy and energy. The Laughing Buddha Statue on Dragon Throne is hand painted in red and gold with rich detail and character. The Hotei or laughing buddha sits atop a throne with arms shaped like dragons. He clutches his sack of goodies in one hand and a gold ingot in the other. His feet are propped on a pile of gold coins.

This statue is intended to draw in the energy of prosperity and wealth. It’s a great Asian decor house warming gift that offers a message of good tidings and success.

The big golden Chinese Buddha is holding up one big ingot which is the symbol of wealth. He is also called Happy Buddha who brings wealth and happiness.

Laughing Buddha is a symbol of joy and wealth. Nowadays everyone, even who are not following the Buddhism and Taoism those are also started to feature the Happy Buddha in their homes and offices.This practice is even grown up in the western countries too. This article is a small try to know about the laughing buddha.

This Black Buddha statue is in the reclining pose to represent relaxation and joy. Wu lou in his left hand is the symbol of good health. He is also carrying ingot for bringing in wealth. According to feng shui tips 2011, you can display Lying Down Black Buddha which belongs to Water Element in center to decrease the effect of 7 Red in 2011 year of the Rabbit. In 2012 year of the dragon, you can move it to NW.