Gold Granite/Fiberglass Buddha Fountain

Posted On : February 21st, 2012 by admin

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Spread laughter and serenity in your home with this durable indoor fountain. The Woodstock Smiling Buddha Fountain is made of genuine granite mixed with resin, an authentic-looking combination that offers artistic beauty and incredible durability. The laughing Buddha figure holds the bubbling fountain in his hands. Water flows out and pours over his body and into the bowl-shaped basin below. The LED light glows inside the fountain’s source, shining through the water and producing an attractive display in a darkened room. The gentle sound of the water will create a soothing atmosphere in a quiet corner of your home.
It’s so easy to integrate this inspiring lighted fountain into your own home decor, but it’s just as easy to give it as a gift. The electrically powered LED light will last for a very long time, and the fountain requires only occasional cleaning. A continuous duty pump circulates the water.

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